***SHIPPING STARTS JANUARY 15th! The original Kickstarter Campaign was funded for 238% of it's original funding goal on July 20th, 2023. ***

A new collection of 110 non-traditional cards focused on shadow work and psychological themes.

The ARCANALESS APOCRYPHA Project is aimed at:
• Readers who are assembling unique, "magpie" decks
• Readers specifically looking for shadow work themes
•Tarot card traders who want to trade cards without Breaking up existing decks
• Lovers of art and imagination

THIS IS NOT A FUNCTIONAL TAROT DECK ON ITS OWN, it is a collection of non-traditional cards to spice up your existing deck collections.

*Magpie decks (aka “mix-and-match”, “Frankendecks”, “Chaos Decks”, “eclecdecks”, “patchwork decks”) are decks comprised of cards from several different sources by tarot readers looking to personalize their tarot experience to their individual aesthetics and tastes.

++Product Specs++
1st run
120 cards total
2.75' x 4.75'
300 gsm coreless stock with varnish finish
Custom printed two-piece box

A portfolio of all the card designs can be seen here:

THIS IS A PRESALE! The original Kickstarter Campaign was funded for 238% of it's original funding goal on July 20th. The projected shipping date for these decks is Jan 2023.

There is no guidebook! However, I have a 55 page PDF available.
Please email [email protected] to request the PDF.


If you don't see your country in my list, feel free to contact me and we'll discuss shipping options* (it's usually because I haven't sent there yet and just need to ask my shipping company for a rate).

*I need a phone number to fill out the custom form for all orders outside Canada

**Shipments to the EU will not be able to offer a tracking number due to new laws made in July 2021. If you would like your international order tracked, the current fee I'm getting is $60CAD for shipping.

***Orders being sent to Canada and the USA will not be charged duties or customs fees. International orders may incur duties and brokerage fees, which are the responsibility of the buyer.

****I cannot accept returns on any deck the has been removed from its shrink-wrap.